Mariko's Missive, Vol. 21 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Dear Friends and Family:

My first week as an Assemblymember went by quickly and I can truly say it is a privilege to serve on your behalf. For those who attended my swearing-in ceremonies on Monday, December 1, I thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to “bear witness” to my solemn oath of service—your support and encouragement over the past two years has made all the difference.

After a whirlwind week of settling into our Capitol office—Room 4139—and beginning to organize our District 8 office—at 555 Mason Street in Vacaville—I traveled to Oakland on Friday, December 5, to participate in a regional healthcare forum hosted by Assemblymember Alberto Torrico. The two-hour session focused on the impending workforce crisis in the medical and allied health professions as California ages and becomes increasingly diverse. How we prepare for the healthcare needs of we aging baby boomers and a population that is as diverse as the entire planet is an incredible challenge we must face right away…

However—the most critical issue at hand is our State budget. I will be attending an unprecedented Joint Legislative Convention beginning Monday, December 8, as both houses of the Legislature listen—as a whole—to our state budget experts. We are in extraordinary session to grapple with the consequences of our inability to achieve a 2/3rds majority for passing a budget. As Democrats, we believe in a balanced approach to moving California forward. Let’s hope that our colleagues on the other-side-of-the-aisle will keep an open mind and LISTEN to the experts. Just saying no isn’t reasonable. We must find ways to get to YES.

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent you. I will do my best.



Please Join Assemblymember Yamada for a “Merry Marty Party”
Supporting Marty Omoto, Director/Organizer, California Disability Community Action Network, Monday, December 15, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Railyards in Sacramento

Help Marty continue his grassroots advocacy on behalf of California’s most vulnerable residents! His incredible email list of 45,000 consumers, providers, advocates, pundits and policymakers and his electronic town hall meetings—“Advocacy Without Borders”-- have kept attention focused on the effects of drastic budget cuts on the poor, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and those who have been traditionally without a voice in the halls of the Capitol. Go to and see for yourself!

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