Mariko’s Missive

Mariko's October 2014 Missive

Dear Friends:

Fall is in the air—but campaigns are heating up.

The November 4th election is around-the-corner. Many people and propositions are vying for your vote.

Yamada Announces 2012 Re-Election Bid

Contact: Yamada for Assembly 2012

Davis, CA – Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (D-Davis) issued the following statement regarding her 2012 Assembly re-election bid:

“The Citizens Redistricting Commission concluded its work on August 15 after months of spirited public participation. With the new maps now in place, I am announcing today that I will seek re-election in the new California Assembly District 04, which includes all or part of six counties: Colusa, Lake, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo, where I have lived for the past 16 years.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 22 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and Family:

My first month in office has certainly lived-up to its name-extraordinary session.

For the past 30 days, beyond the normal start-up activities of getting organized, hiring staff, and crafting our legislative platform, there have been numerous Democratic Caucus conference calls, meetings, and late-night Assembly Floor Sessions to grapple with California's biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 21 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Dear Friends and Family:

My first week as an Assemblymember went by quickly and I can truly say it is a privilege to serve on your behalf. For those who attended my swearing-in ceremonies on Monday, December 1, I thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to “bear witness” to my solemn oath of service—your support and encouragement over the past two years has made all the difference.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 20 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Talkin’ Turkey on Thanksgiving Day 2008

In a few days, I’ll be leaving Yolo County after ten years, and moving on to the 8th A.D. seat we’ve all worked so hard to win these past two years. What I call “the longest job interview of my life” is now drawing to a close.

As we enter this traditional time of thanksgiving and winter holidays, we take pause to consider all of our blessings—as a nation, as a community, within our families and within ourselves. Even in these very difficult times, I do have hope that by working together, we will make it through.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 19 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Trick or Treat? It’s Up to Us!

No doubt about it—the next 96 hours (or 97 since we get an “extra hour” back from the return of Daylight Standard Time this Sunday) are critical to taking our country and our State back. We’re in our “Final Four” to Election Day 2008, and there’s no time to let-up!

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 18 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

October's Bright BLUE Weather

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. September's heat loosens its grip, making way for crisp October mornings. Nature's paintbrush colors the trees in bright yellows, vibrant oranges and fiery reds, framed by brilliant blue skies. These "landscape pictures" always please my eyes.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 17 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

Happy Labor Day-We’re “On” and Running!

Dear Friends:

Hope all of you are well and as excited as I am about the upcoming fall campaign.

First, just to bring you up-to-date--over the past three months, the Yamada for Assembly 2008 campaign took a short break, saw some staff changes, and re-organized to make a unified November 4th Democratic victory our top priority.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 16 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

What a Week! Thank You!

Dear Friends and Family:

First, my apologies for being late with this edition of Mariko's Missive. As of midnight on Tuesday, June 3, our campaign voice mailboxes were full and over the course of this past week, we've received email in the hundreds. I want to thank each and every caller and emailer - we have tried to acknowledge each one of your contacts personally and hope we've not missed a single one.

Mariko's Missive, Vol. 15 - A Campaign Newsletter for the 8th AD

From Start To Finish-Election Day Is Here!

Dear Friends and Family:

Our journey to Election Day began fifteen months ago when a few of you braved a cloudy and bitter cold morning in Fairfield for a 9 a.m. press announcement in front of the Solano County Government Center. We thawed out in time for the second-half of our announcement in front of the Yolo County Superior Court in Woodland, under lunchtime skies that had cleared to make way for sunshine and a larger gallery of friends.